London Burger Joint Attempts Space Delivery

By Intern#17xy88

Posted: Oct. 10, 2014


The owners of Chosen Bun, a London-based burger delivery company, have successfully returned an unaltered hamburger from space, using a patented beef-protection unit developed in their restaurant's laboratory. Sadly, the fries did not survive re-entry.

The flight follows a 2012 mission, Operation Skyfall, undertaken by five Harvard students. That mission involved a "modified" burger, but the students assert that said burger was "still edible."

In August, Chosen Bun owners Andy and Pete, known collectively as "Shoveman," released a helium balloon the size of a two-bedroom house and its precious cargo, recording its journey beyond Earth's atmosphere. The burger climbed to 112,941 feet above sea-level before the decreased pressure caused the balloon to expand to eight meters in diameter before it subsequently burst. Andy and Pete found the burger crash-landed 32 miles from the launch site. The business partners had previously attempted another flight in June which failed for unspecified reasons.

The entrepreneurs did not, however, break the Harvard students' 130-mile record for farthest burger delivery.