Mr. Head: A Modern Day David

This is exactly how 'Virtuosity' started. Someone call Denzel!

By Intern#17xy88

Posted: Sep. 9, 2014

This man is a sophisticated digital animation created by Australian artist Chris Jones. (Screenshot taken from video)

Michelangelo's first impression of his most famous sculpture was said to be so inspired that he commanded the marble man to speak; or some shit like that. I remember something of a story like that from high school, but I didn't always pay attention, and google came up nil. But even if it is bullshit -- which it just might be -- the monologue demonstrates the test for a masterpiece.

Art compels the participants to react as strongly as it makes them feel.

Historians may or may not agree -- I don't know. I didn't ask them -- that no other work of art has ever approached Michelangelo's realistic rendering of the human form, but they're suspiciously silent about Australian artist Chris Jones' digital creation. Jones' animations move and express emotion with the dexterity exhibited, until now, only by flesh and blood.

Mr. Head and Mr. Hand, the stars of Jones' short films, have been proven to be indistinguishable from video of real actors, maybe even scientifically. Again, I want to emphasize that I didn't do anything for this article but look at that guy's website and write these words.

However, an informal survey of my roommate Bill found that 100 percent of respondents liked Jones' work and thought it was "Awesome as shit!" And also, "Once they have the technology to 3D-print living organs and bones and brains, who's to say they couldn't transfer an artificial intelligence into a host body? You know what I'm sayin'?"

The about page of Jones' website says he has made a successful living of "wasting time" and "mucking around." He received an Industrial Design degree from Swinburne University of Technology and later went on to illustrate children's books and teenagers' video games. From 1998 to 2006, Jones animated and produced a feature length film, The Passenger, about a man who adopts a monster fish apparently. The seven-minute trailer has been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube.

Do you know the story I'm talking about with Michelangelo yelling at the sculpture David? Comment below.