Someday in the hopefully-not-too-distant future, Renegade Press will be able to pay a talented editorial and management staff funded by your contributions and/or advertising. We'd prefer to be funded by individuals rather than businesses, but at this point the debate is moot.

Until that glorious day which will usher in a renaissance of journalism and, dare we say, the human race, you can donate to our public records fund here.

No other time in history has been as conducive to independent journalism as 2014, and the future holds unlimited potential for what passionate individuals can accomplish with the help of the Internet community.

Unfortunately, many projects struggle to fund this enterprise so vital to a free and informed society. To that end, we are establishing this Public Records Fund to cover the costs of obtaining documents in the public interest.

Money donated to the fund will be used SOLELY for the purposes of making these records public, including postage. Records will be posted to the Renegade Press website alongside receipts so that anyone with an Internet connection can hold the fund's executor accountable.

Pending public records requests include:

-Court documents in the case against a Kentucky correctional officer who received no jail time after confessing to 25 counts of sexually assaulting inmates.

-Administrative records relating to sexual assaults at an Ohio juvenile correctional facility, where 30 percent of inmates reported being sexually assaulted.

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