'A disposable population'

Missing gas tax money

Natural gas well owners shorted the Ohio tax department millions of dollars in 2014, but the state lacks the authority to claim it.

YSU fails black students

Fewer than 10 percent of minority students at Youngstown State University graduate within six years.

Gas company landgrab

Kenneth Buell owns the land that holds Ohio's most-producing liquid natural gas well, but he doesn't share in the royalties.


Assisted-living facilities face few punishments for even severe violations of state and federal laws.

Gas tax goes unchecked

Ohio's severance taxes for natural gas may be off by millions, but state agencies wouldn't know.

Enslavement in Ohio

A cognitively-challenged woman and her 5-year-old daughter were held captive for two years in Ashland, Ohio.

Running out of water

A Texas county, like many areas in the Southwest, is growing too fast to keep up with the demand for water.

Steve's world

A Youngstown man battles the forces of evil, if only in his head. Steve Hiet is schizophrenic, struggling to straddle two worlds.